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A baby elephant and 2 day old tights.

Today I carried a baby elephant* on my back through Amsterdam. To be fair, today was the first day Nelly and I really got to know each other. But she was (and still is) a heavy load** on my weak computer generated shoulders.

I also realised wearing 2 day old tights allows one to ponder a lot. First of all, your mind isn’t occupied by questions about what to wear, and they do get really comfy after 48hours (optimum pondering conditions).

So here are my thoughts:
1. Elton John’s best singles were released during the eighties;
2. Amsterdam really feels like home;
3. Although, I still don’t understand why they like tuna on pizza so much;
4. Albert Heijn is WAY better than Woolies;
5. The German police can add 30 minutes to ones traveling time;
6. Every single highway and offramp in the Netherlands and Germany looks exactly the same;
7. So I made a video clip of our 2 hour stopover in Amsterdam. (See ‘Finally. I managed to upload the video on WordPress’ post)

*It’s just a silly euphemism for my backpack.
**She’s really not that heavy, around 10kgs? I blame my desk job tendencies.


Big things, small things and a famous blue raincoat.

Big things
It’s my dearest friend’s wedding today. She’s walking down a sandy aisle in Mozambique, and we’re stuck at home due to a lack of passports. Time wasn’t on our side, and we had to choose between her big day and getting our passports back in time to catch our flight to Amsterdam. This is definitely worse than a bad case of traveller’s remorse with a hint of Delhi belly.

Small things
I made a collage of small things we’re taking with to make me feel better about missing out on the big things.


And a famous blue raincoat
Look at that! Monsoon season will be a breeze in my shiny new raincoat.