Islands in the stream. That is where we were. Nowhere in between.

Whenever I think of reunions, I immediately think of the opening scene in Love Actually – the movie I force the Husband to watch every December. Because there really isn’t a happier place than the arrivals section at an airport. All of a sudden those stiff aeroplane breakfast eggs are a thing of the past as hordes of groggy looking people meet up with their friends, family, lovers and the driver with the ‘Mr Von Hoogenboesem 4 pax’ sign.

A week after we said goodbye to my Brother, the Brother-in-Law – who lives in Canada – arrived in Mexico to join us on our grand adventure for a couple of weeks. We were so excited about his arrival, that I decorated a packet of churros with birthday candles. (Sometimes, it’s just not worth it to go into the details). The Husband went to pick him up at the airport, while I decorated the churros. Big hugs, bigger tears (on the inside) and lots and lots of beer ensued. We talked about EVERYTHING, including the weather, because the Brother-in-Law was as fair skinned as an English lady after the Canadian winter. We also talked about our plans for the days ahead, which involved the following:

  1. Catching a ferry to Isla Mujeres
  2. Doing absolutely nothing on Isla Mujeres
  3. Catching a ferry back to Cancun


La Isla Bonita

Super cheesy headline, but Isla Mujeres sure is beautiful and super chilled. We’ve been to lots and lots of islands during our trip, but Isla Mujeres was special. It wasn’t as busy or commercialised as the other islands, the swimming was easy and the Brother-in-Law treated us to three nights in a fancy hotel – imagine that: our very own bathroom, white sheets and a bar fridge. How luxurious!

The island also has this really cool vibe. Giant murals adorn the walls on every street, the sandy beaches are as white as the Brother-in-Law’s inner arm and all the rich and annoying people were partying on their yachts away from the beaches, so that was awesome. We snorkelled, we drank beer, we watched schools of dolphins cruise past our balcony and we were merry.

Being the intrepid travellers that we are, we also wanted to see what lies on the other side of the island (actually, we knew what was on the other side – it was a lighthouse at Ponta Sur). So we hired some bicycles to go and see for ourselves. We were the cool cats on the block, with our snapback caps and gangster bikes, me slow poking behind the boys and cruising along the potholed streets of the island.

Did we get to Ponta Sur? Uhm. No. We had to return the bikes before the end of the day, and my slow poking wasn’t really helping. So while the Brother-in-Law scooted ahead, the Husband and I cruised past an interesting variety of holiday homes. Big ones, small ones, scruffy ones, empty ones and one filled with lots of snotty nosed children and chickens.

Long story short, he almost got to the other side of the island. And it wasn’t like he had to collect a pot of gold or something. It was just a short adventure fuelled by that lovely curiosity of a traveller.

We went to Isla Mujeres to do nothing. And that we did. To waste time just being, really is precious.

What’s that you asked? Photos? But of course! What’s more, I’ve even edited a video! Lucky you!


Oh hi there esplanade. Fancy a sunset walk with me and my hombres? Of course you do.
Isla Mujeres has the most amazing collection of wall art.


All these lines! Love it.
Oh look! More wall art!


Easy island living. Yes. 







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