Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

Sometimes all it takes is a quote from Dr Seuss to get back on track. Our trip ended on 13 January 2015 when we left New York City kicking and screaming. But not in a ‘we’re getting deported’ kinda way. More an ‘Oh, so this is the end’ kinda way. It’s sort of similar to that feeling when you finish a really good book. But like a really good one, at an odd time like 19:30 on a Saturday evening when you don’t really have plans for the rest of the night, but you don’t want to do something else. You just want to feel sad because you’ve finished your book.

So for the past 9 months I’ve refused to write about the rest of our adventures. It was too sad. Didn’t look at the millions of photos we took. Didn’t want to edit our video clips.

But now, after 9 months of getting over this breakup, I’m ready to share our stories again. They won’t be as detailed. But they’ll come from a good place. Because it happened.

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