In which our heroine learns how to say goodbye.

“Dear pothole, this is the last time that I’ll drive through you. Dear Flyer Guy with the Orange Overall, you think you’re going to offer me a flyer tomorrow morning, but you won’t. So I’ll take one today. Dear traffic light at William Nicol and Leslie – eat Sheila’s dust you lousy piece of electronic engineering.”

Saying goodbye to everyday routine is quite melodramatic. Even though you won’t be there, Flyer Guy with the Orange Overall will be there the next day.  So it’s not like things are going to stop to exist when you’re not there to acknowledge its presence. Nope. Things will go on as planned by things greater than said things.

And this thought is what will prevent me from giving my best ugly-face-cry when I have to say goodbye to good friends, new friends, let’s-have-lunch friends, my family and that guy at the office who you don’t really know, but will never see again. Oh the drama!

The past couple of months were insane. My brain was a fragile menagerie filled with beasts of a different kind – visa applications, sorting out my life before packing it all into boxes, meeting deadlines, hosting our farewell party, cleaning up after the farewell party, regretting the amount of wine consumed at our farewell party. And making sense of what we’re about to do.

But I digress. Saying goodbye is really hard. And it doesn’t matter how many stupid jokes you try and squeeze in to procrastinate saying goodbye, you still have to say it sooner or later.

Oh my.



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