All it took…

…was a pair of sandals to acknowledge the realness of our Big Trip. They are a fashion faux pas that will make any European sandal sporting tourist immensely proud (and slightly jealous).

Cobblestone roads and getting lost on purpose are the things that my new sandals were build/glued together for. One does not flip-flop around the unknown, oh no. Mind you, one did actually flip-flopped around Spain and consequently suffered from severe flat-sore-footedness. Absolutely dreadful. So let me rephrase – one only flip-flops  around Europe once, before opting for the most comfy and unflattering pair of sandals in the shop.

But we’re not going to Europe. We’re going to Central America. We have no idea what Central America is all about, that’s why we decided to go and have a looky.

Estimated time of departure: T-minus  around 100 days.

Amount of happy nerves that are seriously getting nervous: Not a lot. I told them about the possibility of seeing sloths and toucans in the jungle, so they are totally cool with going.

All that’s left to do is to learn Spanish, get over my high-intensity arachnaphobia (I’m so scared of them, that I don’t even want to Google the word to see whether it’s spelled correctly), pack up our life here and teach myself how to take pictures again.

It’s gonna be such an amazing adventure. Thank goodness for sandals.

Study of my new sandals, 2014.
Study of my new sandals, 2014.